How To Securely Work From Home

In a time of crisis, things slowed down, but, not for everyone. Hackers have tons of work and when people are most vulnerable, so might be their devices.

To best protect your devices while working at home, here are several tips and tricks:

  1. Keep work data at work computers — if your company has a strong IT team, that would probably mean that your work device has its disk encrypted, has strong firewall and it’s OS is updated frequently, however your personal computer may not have these security protections, so doing work from your personal computer or downloading information on it carries a risk that is just not worth taking.

And while all of these are a great way to keep your working-securely-game on top, the most important thing is to stay alert. Every good game is won by a good defense, and you, yourself, are your own best defense.



security engineer serving tech bites as articles.

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